About Dr. Manette Kohler

Dr. Manette Kohler, a Wisconsin native, received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1991. Early in her career she realized that animal behavior medicine was her passion. Preventing and treating behavior issues in pets allows her to help pet owners repair, strengthen and enhance the bond they have with their pets. This is accomplished using positive training methods that are based on canine and feline learning principles.

In 2009 she left private practice to open Helping Hand Veterinary Behavior Counseling, offering home behavior consultations to pet owners in southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Just as a medical problem negatively impacts the quality of life of the pet and its human family, so can a behavioral issue. She has found it immensely fulfilling to be able to restore good quality of life to her clients’ homes.

Over the past 20 years Dr. Kohler has enjoyed working at small/mixed animal practices in both Georgia and Wisconsin. She has had many other interesting opportunities over the years as well, including writing the Healthline column and feature articles for Dog World Magazine; answering online veterinary questions; and speaking locally on behavior-related topics.

She volunteers her time locally at HAWS in Waukesha as part of their Behavior Department’s “Mod squad”, modifying the behavior of their dogs-in-need to help them find and keep their forever homes. In her spare time Dr. Kohler enjoys spending time hiking, biking, boating and just spending quality time with her husband and two daughters as well as their Belgian Sheepdog, two cats and a hamster. Dr. Kohler is looking forward to helping area veterinarians and their clients with behavior issues through MECAs Emergency Vet Animal Hospital Milwaukee.

Would you like to know what some of her favorite behavior books are?

View a list of Dr. Kohler’s suggestions for effective pet behavior training books.

Dr. Kohler is familiar with treating most behavior problems in dogs and cats, including:
  • Aggression
  • Inappropriate Elimination
  • Geriatric Issues
  • Separation Anxiety 
      ....and more!!!

Consultations (1.5hrs) = $180

Re-Check Visits (30mins) = $90

Please Note: There are behavior history forms that will need to be filled out by the owner and returned by Friday at noon on the week prior to the appointment. These forms will be sent once the appointment is made or click here to download them. If you have any further questions, please contact us at (414) 543-7387.
Animal Behaviorist
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Dr. Manette Kohler
has started accepting appointments every other Wednesday from 9 am and 2 pm.

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